Mike Tyson was a heavyweight boxing champion who has been featured in several films and also served jail time. His Net Worth reduced drastically in 2017



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Some days we record 2-3 episodes of @hotboxinpodcast . To stay sharp throughout the long work day I drink Iron Energy. #ironenergy

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Mike Tyson Early Life

On June 30, 1966, Michael Gerard Tyson is popularly known as Mike Tyson was born, in Brooklyn, New York, to Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Tyson his parents. His dad left the family when he was only the age of 2 years. He left Lorna his mother to take care of Michael and his 2 other siblings, Rodney and Denise. As they struggled financially, they all moved to a neighborhood known for its high crime rate, Brownsville, Brooklyn. Due to Tyson’s young nature, small and very shy, he was subjected to bullying. To fight this feeling, he trained himself to the way of street fighting and later channeled into criminal activity. Jolly Stompers in a gang, when he was only 11 years old, sent him to clear a cash register as the older gang members were at gunpoint.

Over his small crime activities, he always has issues with the cops. He was arrested more than 30 times at the age of 13. Tyson was later sent to Tryon School for boys for his bad behavior, one of the reform schools in upstate New York. He met Tyson Bob Steward who was an amateur boxing champion. Tyson wanted Steward to teach how to box. on the condition that Tyson we get better in school and stop troubles, Stewart agreed to teach him. Tyson was formally seen as an illiterate but he increased in his reading ability to the seventh grade in just a few months. He became desperate to learn more about boxing and sneaked out at night after curfew to practice boxing.

Mike Tyson Career.

In Albany on March 6, 1985, Mike made his professional debut, New York, against Hector Mercedes. Mercedes was knocked out in the first round by the 18 years Tyson. His opponents were intimated by his quick and heavy punches and his ability to defend well. This made Tyson win his fights in just one round, knocking his opponents out and he was nicknamed “Iron Mike”.

It was a successful year for Mike, but soon came tragedies. D’Amato died of pneumonia in 1985, November 4. This really affected him, he considered D’Amato to be his surrogate father. However, Kevin Rooney, a boxing trainer took D’Amato’s place as Tyson coach. He was back on track just as D’Amato wanted him to be in less than 2 weeks. Those close to Mike said he never recovered from D’Amato’s loss, despite the fact that he seems fine handling the death. People linked his future behaviors to the loss of the man who groomed and trained him in the world of Boxing.

After having some setbacks in his life an profession. He was seen to be making a positive impact on his life. Tyson later came facing his big challenger: Evander Holyfield, after winning several fights. Holyfield had been wanting to have a title fight against Tyson but before that could happen, Tyson was defeated by Douglas. Now Douglas faced Holyfield for the title instead of fighting Tyson. Holyfield knocked out Douglas on October 25, 1990, making Holyfield the undisputed heavyweight world champion and undefeated.


Tyson later faced Holyfield on November 9, 1996, for the heavyweight title. It didn’t go well for Tyson as Holyfield made history that evening being the first person to win for 3 times a heavyweight championship belt. He knocked Tyson out in the 11th round. Tyson vowed to avenge his loss to Holyfield claiming he was the victim of many illegal butts on the head.

The two boxers later faced each other on June 28, 1997, as Tyson trained heavily for the rematch. The march entered almost 2 million households as it was shown on TV on pay-per-view. It made a record at that time to be the highest-paid television view. Tyson was disqualified in the 3rd round as he bit off Holyfield’s ears and claimed it was a revenge of the last head butt of the previous match.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth was about $300 Million at the peak of his career. But later in 2017, after filing bankruptcy in 2003 and his irresponsible spending, Tyson was said to the world only $3 million.

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