Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player who has won several Olympic gold medals and also 23 Grand Slam. Serena Williams Net Worth made her a significant black woman tennis player.



Serena Williams Family and Early life

September 26, in the year 1981, Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan. She was the youngest amongst her siblings. Richard and Oracene Williams are parents, gave birth to 5 daughters, meanwhile, Serena and her sister Venus grew up to be a wonderful tennis champion.

Serena’s father from Louisiana and he was previously a sharecropper, he determined to see his youngest daughters succeed. He used what he learned from tennis books and videos to train his daughters on how to play the tennis game. Serena withstood the rigor training of 2 hours from her father, when she was only 3 years from a court not far from their family’s new Compton, California.

It was no accident the family moved to Compton. Richard exposed his daughters to the harsh chances of life, even with the high rate of risky gang activities if they don’t work hard to get an education. Serena and Venus practiced hard even in courts with portholes and sometimes no net due to the environment exposed to them by their father. They could play in any condition of weather since it was tennis.

Serena was 46-3 on the Junior United State Tennis Association tour in 1991, and she came first in the 10 and under division. Richard sensed that his daughters need to get better to become a successful professional, so he moved his family again to Florida. He later reduced his coaching responsibilities but he never stopped managing the careers of his daughters.

Serena and her sister Venus Williams

At the age of 3, Serena and her sister’s father started to train them in a tennis career. With their unique style and skill Serena and her sister, Venus change the look of their games. Their opponents were marveled by their strength and ability. The uniqueness in the sport made them a standout amongst other tennis players in the court. Serena and Venus lived together for over 12 years in a gated Palm Beach Garden in Florida. Later in December 2013, Serena bought a mansion close to Jupiter.

Serena won the U.S Open title beating her sister in the race of being the first Gran Slam winner in the house in 1999. It made way for high profiled victories for both Serena and Venus.

Serena and Venus teamed up to win the Olympic gold medal in Beijing Games for the second time. Upper year, Serena and Venus became the first black American women to have part of the NFL team by purchasing shares of the Miami Dolphins.

Serena Williams Career

Serena has made so many achievements in her career. She turned pro in a tennis game in 1995. Then she was ranked 99 in the world. Up from 304 rankings to 99 just in 12 months. She finished high school and got a deal of $12 million shoe deal with Puma a year later.

2002 was a grand one for her. As Serena won the French Open, the U.S Open. And even defeating her sister Venus in the finals of each tournament to win the Wimbledon. In 2003 she won her first Australian Open, this made her to be one of only 6 women in the open era to ever complete the Grand Slam career. This wins made her fulfilled the zeal to have all 4 major titles and comprises she called “The Serena Slam”

She won many other titled award years to come. This made her to be one of the greatest women tennis players.

Serena William Net Worth

Shes is one of the greatest and successful tennis players ever, winning over 23 Grand Slams in her career

Serena Williams Net Worth is estimated to be about $200 million.

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