Many companies have told their staff to be working from home so to contain the current coronavirus pandemic.

It is wise to keep employees further apart from themselves, this will reduce the chances of groups spreading the virus. As most staff enters commercial buses to work exposing them to the virus and can share to fellow staff.

working from home

Though, for some staff this might not be an option for the, but for others who will be working from home for a long time. How will you maximize your productivity, observe good physical and metal health, and avoiding doing unnecessary things when you ought to be working from home.

Karen Eyre-White, a productivity coach and also founder of GoDo business organisation was asked for her advice of making the best time working from home.

Differentiate between work and home mode.

One of the biggest challenge is slowly moving from your bed to the sofa to start working.

You shouldn’t forget you have work to instead of wearing and sitting in your pajamas for hours, you start your day after getting dressed and brushing you teeth. “Now you switch from home mode to work”, by physically and practically doing something “flip the switch”.

” You might want to walk around the block, or make a special tea, or light at your desk a candle. It doesn’t matter what you need to do but you have to do it with to create a strong association in your mind”. she says.

Be realistic about the things you can achieve while working from home

Eyre-White says, “Don’t fall into the trap of wanting to be over-ambitious. working from home can make you have this full possibilities vibe, having 150 things on your to do list? No Problem, just don’t fall to the trap.

She recommends, instead you need to be realistic and then you can possibly achieve more than you have set for, and you will feel satisfied than feeling disappointed of not doing everything.

she suggests that, you choose about three to five things to do, you focus to get the major part done before having lunch.” During mid-afternoon things can slow down for us and having things to do under your belt will give you the boost to power through it.

Work in short bursts

In the office your day can be interrupted from many things. You can be have meetings to water-cooler chats, your lunch breaks, even toilet breaks, all this things can reduce your working rate a day. But when you work from home, on your own with no face interaction from any body it can be easy to work for long without any broken periods.

” When we are at the office, meetings can break the day up. This can sometimes be frustrating, it has divided the day creating chunks of times.” Eryre-white explains. ” Working from home can be very unstructured.

So to be productive at home, she recommends, you structure yourself. For instance, you work for 45-60 minute chunks of concentration then follows a short break. “This will maintain your concentration level and also you have your breaks” she says.

Remember to take breaks.

Sometimes its difficult to keep yourself from your laptop worrying of what people might think of you slacking off. That doesn’t matter, you should take breaks. “Because you feel comfortable at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a proper break.

“You have to leave the desk for lunch and use the time to take a walk with your dog or do something else for half an hour that afternoon. Coming back you will feel more refreshed and productive to work the remaining of the day.

This includes creaking time for making a good meal and drink water regularly, rather than working continuously though the day and later at 3 pm crashing.

Socialize while working from home

If you not self-isolating your self, you working from does not mean you should not leave the house or see anyone within the two weeks. You can still keep social interaction.

“If you the type that will miss your work colleagues working from home, you can build the opportunities of socializing. You connect with them problem via a Skype video or other means you can.

Manage distractions

Working in the office limit our chances of being distracted. But when working in an environment that you are familiar with it increases our chances of being easily distracted.

“you have to proactively manage the things that will hinder you from focusing and remain focused”

She explains: “You can keep the distractions to short breaks in between your work segment.


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