As all football activities have been suspended in Spain. Messi the Argentine confirms salary cut with his teammates to make a sacrifice during this pandemic to help the club reduce losses.

lionel messi salary cut

Lionel Messi has confirmed that all Barcelona players will be taking 70% cut off their salaries. This is to help reduce the club losses in this time of coronavirus crisis.

Since March 12 La Liga has been on suspension due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Initially, the break was just for two weeks. But since the situation was not contained on March 23 an indefinite postponement was made.

During this period, with no games, meaning no match day and the television revenue is out. The Club announced recently the measure of cost-cutting they have to so as to make as the club still remains a business during the suspension.

Messi confirmed that the first-team squad of Barcelona including himself have made a huge wage cut. This is to help secure the jobs of the non-playing staff at Camp Nou.

Messi made a statement in Spanish on his Instagram page saying: ” We are fully aware of the extraordinary situation, and we are the first to make a sacrifice to help the club”

He also said that the players will be taking a 70% pay cut. They will also make further donations so that the employees in Barcelona would get their 100% salaries.

Luis Suarez was among the other Barcelona players to share the same statement. This shows the unison of the players and with Spain which is among the most affected countries by coronavirus in the world.

It also claims that the players were pressurized to act by the figures within the club.  However, the first-team squad has come out with a good gesture to help their fellow employees.

The statement reads: ” Much has been put to writing and also said about the Barcelona team during this state of emergency concerning the salaries of the players.

“We want it to be clear that it has been our will to take a cut of the salary we are to receive. This is because we understand the condition of the country. And the club and we are always the first to assist the club when asked.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that we would be pressurized from within the club to do something we knew we would do.

“Messi said they have been looking for a formula to help the club and also other staff in these difficult times, that why the agreement has been delayed for some days.

“We do not want to depart and say goodbye without sending a warm greeting. Also lot of strength to those having difficult time in this pandemic. And also to those who await the end of this crisis patiently at their homes.

“We will get out of this situation very soon, and we are going to do it together”.

The club said in a statement that other professional sports teams, including the basketball team. Also, the Barcelona board has made an agreement. In the reduction of the salary in this period of Spain’s state of emergency.

“The contribution made with the additional contribution from the other squad will guarantee 100% salaries of all non-sport staff, Barcelona announced.

Barcelona football team added. “We are grateful that the professional athletes involved in a situation like this to handle this health crisis”.

Certain measures would be taken to minimize the economic impact, this reported last week by Barcelona. Although the club was not specific on the degree of salary reduction.

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