£762m will have to be paid back to broadcasters by Premier League if they cannot finish the season. Premier League ready to finish the season behind closed doors, this is due to the terms of their contract with broadcasters and companies like Sky and BT are losing huge amounts without live football matches.

Premier League ready to finish season behind closed doors
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The Premier League is trying the possibilities of playing games behind close doors irrespective of the coronavirus crisis. In order for the season to be completed. Hopefully, it could work out early Mary, as the recent postponement set by the meeting held on Thursday ends.

However, it was acknowledged that playing a match without supporters is not a good choice. The players and staff could lay several complain base on the health issue, it was said the mood was shifted in the last few days.

Finance is obviously the primary factor, and broadcast rights the hugest. If Premier League could not finish the news they would have to pay the broadcasters back about £762m. This is due to the deal signed in their contracts and companies. Like Sky and BT are loosing without live football matches. Including the fact that football has not to be banned by the government.

It is scary that even Premier League might go out of business if this happens, due to the huge wage bills.

However, the feeling of the completion amid the current crisis can be ” a force for good”.

In the thought that very few supporters will be available to watch matches. Having football matches being viewed on the TV will restore normality. And so many soccer fans will appreciate it all over the world.

More so, there is yet to have any contingency plan if any of the staff or football player is to have the virus. This will also force the whole team into 14-day quarantine. Going back to playing matches, even with few fans, could put everyone involved in exposure to the virus.

Sources have the feeling that plans to return to football till after the crisis is subdued is “pie in the sky”. This will happen until early June, that’s at the very earliest.

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