Kevin Durant tested positive amongst the four Nets Players and Durant was the first to speak out publicly about his condition.



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The sports world has been continuously been affected by a coronavirus. Kevin Durant and three other Brooklyn Nets players, on Tuesday, were tested positive for the coronavirus. Initially, the 4 four players were not made known to the public in any press release. But Kevin Durant later spoke with Shams Charania of The Athletic about his condition.

Durant said. “We are going to get through this, everyone needs to be careful, and take care of yourself and isolate.

Durant and the other 3 basketball players are in isolation. However, only one of the four is showing signs of the virus. According to Charania, Durant has not or yet to show any symptoms of the virus. This is more from the basketball press release:

Anyone who had made contact with the players, the organization is giving notice to the, that includes their recent opponents, family or friends and we work closely with local and state health authorities on this report. All Nets players and members of the travel party are asked to remain in isolation. The team medical staff should help monitor their health as they closely check themselves. Our highest priority in the organization is out the health of our players and staff members. Those affected will be seen with the best care possible as the team is making sure of that.

7 players in the NBA players have now been tested positive for the coronavirus. First was Ruby Gobert, then by his teammate in Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell and then Detroit Pistons forwards Christian Wood. Last week the NBA suspended the 2019-2020 season, due to global concern and the positive test of Gobert’s for the coronavirus. Hopefully, the league is to resume the league in mid-to-late June.

Due to a torn Achilles tendon, Duran was not able to play this season. Moreover earlier this week his manager said his status would not change even if the league resumes playoffs late summer.


Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that: The Nets paid a private company for test conduction of the virus for the players. Greg Logan of Newsday reported that on Saturday the tests were conducted, and the result was made available on Tuesday. Due to the positive reports of the basketball players, the mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio requested that all NBA teams should be tested before the serious illness.

The organization is now trying to track anyone who had made contact with the players in the last 2 weeks, even other teams. The Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles had played Brooklyn since the 3rd of March.

The Nets were ready to play with the Golden State Warriors last week, which was Durant’s previous team. The match was set to be behind closed doors before it was suspended due to the positive test of Gobert. They were in contact with the Jazz, so all Celtics players have been cleared and tested. It seems like all other teams Nets have played with will go through the same process of being tested and cleared when the case seems negative.

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